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  • Bothered by Noise? There's an App for That

    Residents affected by noise can now capture evidence using their smartphone.

    Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council has registered with a free app called “The Noise App” which allows people to make audio recordings, submit them securely for assessment and keep track of complaint updates.

    Noise App Image
  • Manage Your Council Tax Account Online

    A new system has been introduced which gives local people round-the-clock access to managing their Council Tax account.

    Citizen Access has been brought in by the Borough Council as a feature on its new website so residents can report vital information which impacts on their bills such as if they have moved address or had a change of circumstances. They can also deal with account enquiries using the 24-hour online portal.

    Access to your online council tax account
  • Website Feedback

    Welcome to the new website for Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council. 

    We would be grateful to receive any feedback about the new website, both positive and negative, so please tell us what you think.