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Street Sweeping and Cleansing

Zone 1 shop fronts  –  Those which are the responsibility of the Borough and consist of four or more shops.

Daily cleanse – Newcastle town centre within the ring road (also including King Street, George Street, Brunswick Street, Hassell Street and connecting streets), Kidsgrove town centre and London Road, Chesterton

Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday cleanse – Congleton Road, Butt Lane and Audley High Street.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday cleanse – May Bank, Wolstanton High Street (excluding Morris Square), Watlands View, Cambridge Drive.

Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday – Talke Pits, A34 Milehouse, Upper Milehouse, Knutton High Street.

Sunday only – Madeley.

Street sweeping - Highways and pavements (where necessary) are cleansed upto 4 times per year.  Leaf fall sweeping takes place from mid-October to mid-December for eight weeks on tree-lined streets, on a priority basis (density of trees).

Litter/dog waste bins – There are 866 bins throughout the Borough, which are emptied depending on usage and location. We monitor usage and evaluate all new requests for installations based on this information. If any are reported full they will be emptied within 24 hours. We only install dog waste bins on Borough-owned land. Litter and dog waste bins report issues online.

Litter and waste - We will respond to litter complaints  from one hour to one week, depending on location and amount. Report issues online - Litter and waste.

Highway weed control is the responsibility of Staffordshire County Highways – All adopted highway gutters, pavements, grass verges and obstacles.

Subways – We only clean the ramps, steps and footways in Newcastle town centre daily, all others are cleaned two to three times a week. We will remove offensive/racist graffiti from walls or floors. All other damage, flooding or graffiti must be reported to Staffordshire County Highways .

Fly-tipping/Graffiti - We remove fly-tipping and offensive or racist graffiti on Borough-owned land and property, including the highway, from 24 hours to three working days from when it is reported.

Report Fly Posting and Graffiti Online - Report Fly-tipping Online If fly-tipping is blocking a highway then this needs to be reported to Staffordshire County Highways .

Borough-owned car parks – These are cleaned daily or monthly, depending on location.

Dead animals – Streetscene remove these from the highway and, sadly, some are domestic pets. They are scanned and refrigerated, so if you report your pet missing, we may be able to confirm the animal is yours. Any large animals (for example cows or deer) need to be reported to Staffordshire County Highways  .

Last updated 30 May 2019

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