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Business Waste Collection Service

Business waste collection service heading

Euro Container Wheeled Bin Trade waste sacks

Euro Container Heading

Wheeled bin heading Trade waste sacks heading

Blank spacer

660 litre capacity

Height 1245
Depth 780
Width 1370

blank spacer

240 litre capacity

Height 1060
Depth 730
Width 585

Blank spacer




100 litre capacity





1100 litre capacity

Height 1430
Depth 970
Width 1370


360 litre capacity

Height 1110
Depth 895
Width 590


Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council offers a competitive, comprehensive and flexible waste collection service to businesses within the Borough.

Prices on request are exclusive of VAT and may be subject to change.

Further Information

None of the commercial waste the Council collects is landfilled.

The Council does not currently provide a recycling service for businesses.  We are currently looking at implementing a trade recycling service.

For a competitive quote please complete this online form or telephone 01782 717717.


GOV.UK is the online resource for information on Government services. GOV.UK has a guide outlining the legal responsibilities and duty of care for business and commercial waste. For further information go to GOV.UK Dispose of business or commercial waste.


Last updated 4 September 2019

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