The crematorium service hall

Crematorium service hall

There is an entrance hall, waiting room and toilets (including a disabled access toilet) also within the service hall building. There are also toilets (including a disabled access toilet) outside at the hall exit.

There is a small vestry room with toilet access that is provided for use by officiants and other funeral personnel and staff.

The service hall at the crematorium is a multi-denominational service hall that comfortably seats 96 people. The seating provided are individual cushioned chairs. Chairs can be easily removed to accommodate wheelchairs and pushchairs within the congregation.

The hall is a large, light space with windows to the front and side that provide the perfect backdrop to any service.

At the front of the hall there is a screen that is used to display photos and tributes through the Obitus system. The lectern is fixed but can be raised or lowered and there is a portable ramp available for wheelchair access to the raised platform.

There are two upright floral displays at the front of the hall that provide a stunning focal point.

The catafalque is located at the front of the hall and the curtains can be left open or closed, depending on personal preference.
The exit doors are also located at the front of the hall and the congregation will exit through these doors when a service has finished and follow the ramp down to where the funeral limousines will be waiting.

The hall can be used for funeral and memorial services before a cremation or burial. If a cremation is not taking place then there is a reduced fee applicable.