How a grave is dug


A grave is dug and backfilled by machine.

When a grave is opened for a burial the excavated soil will be placed on boards on the grave(s) next door. This will restrict access to that grave(s) until the burial has taken place. This may sometimes mean that the access to the graves affected will be restricted over a weekend if the burial is due to take place early the following week.

The grassed area of the grave(s) next door will be boarded, so that the turf is protected, and a board will be placed in front of the headborder, so that any memorials are protected. Any memorabilia on the grassed areas of the graves affected will be removed and placed in the headborder.

It may be necessary to remove a neighbouring memorial headstone to allow a grave to be dug and backfilled safely. It is important that we are kept informed of any changes to contact information so that we can inform grave owners if this is to happen.