The grievance procedure

We always aim to deliver a high standard of service, however events may happen, things may go wrong or be misinterpreted so we recognise the importance of taking these complaints seriously. 


If you do have a complaint please take the following action: 

  • most problems can be solved informally by speaking directly with the crematorium or cemetary staff. We treat all complaints equally, whether they are made verbally or in writing and will respond in writing within three working days
  • if the complaint can’t be resolved within 20 working days, the person will be advised of the reasons in writing and will be offered the opportunity to involve the Customer Relations Officer and progress their complaint formally
  • the Customer Relations Officer will investigate the complaint, consider the findings and make a decision about the outcome within 20 working days. If this is not possible, a response will be sent to inform you of what is being done to deal with the complaint and when you can expect the full reply

Charter grievance procedure

There is also a five stage charter grievance procedure which can be implemented, but our in-house procedure must be completed first.

For details and a copy of the charter procedure please contact the crematorium office.