Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management (ICCM) recycling of metals scheme

Newcastle Crematorium is a member of this scheme. The applicant for cremation will sign the application for cremation form to give permission for the metals following a cremation to be either recycled through the scheme or retained to be returned to the applicant with the cremated remains.

Disposal of metals

All metals remaining following a cremation will be disposed of in the most suitable manner to reduce the impact to our environment. This will include the sensitive recycling of orthopaedic implants and metal residues to avoid the usage of non-renewable resources and comply with existing legislation. 

Please note: soft metals such as gold and silver melt into tiny globules and combine with the cremated remains. These are not identifiable and can be dispersed within cremation equipment and the cremated remains and cannot be returned separately. We recommend that precious metals in the form of jewellery are retained by the applicant for cremation and not cremated with the deceased.

After cremation, what happens?

Any metals present will be removed from the cremated remains and held at the crematorium. Periodically, all metals recovered will be collected and taken to a central point within the UK for recycling. 

ICCM has contracted the company OrthoMetals to carry out the collection and recycling of metals on a non-commercial, open accounting basis.

Charity nominations

All surplus monies derived from the recycling scheme will be distributed amongst selected charities. Confirmation from these charities is posted on the ICCM website.

Newcastle Crematorium has made the following nominations: