Cemetery memorial headstone sizes review

As part of our on-going memorial review, it is proposed to increase the overall permitted memorial height of the lawn type design memorial in the cemeteries. The proposed increase is from 36 inches to 5 foot (base and plate inclusive).

After a person has died the memorial headstone on the grave provides a personal focal point and becomes an important part of the grieving process for the bereaved. A memorial allows a family to grieve and be able to get closure; grief is individual and the chosen memorial should reflect the individuality and personality of the deceased.

Increasing the maximum size restrictions will allow the bereaved to be able to personalise memorials more through design and type and encourage artistry; allowing them to reflect the individuality of the person that they have lost to help them grieve and remember.

This consultation is to find out who would agree to this increase in the overall memorial height size allowed and who would disagree.

Our consultation has now closed.