Allotment do’s and don'ts


  • Keep the plot cultivated at all times and free from weeds and in a clean and tidy condition. 
  • Keep rubbish to a minimum 
  • Keep paths between your plot and your neighbours in tidy condition 
  • Pay your rent on time 
  • Keep gates locked on site at all times 
  • Keep equipment away from access routes and locked up when not in use 
  • Contact the allotment officer if you wish to change address, site or vacate your plot 
  • Get involved in the allotment forum or working party if you wish 
  • Enjoy your allotment and the produce you grow. 


  • Erect sheds or other constructions without prior approval 
  • Light bonfires unless during allotted times 
  • Plant trees on allotment sites 
  • Use your allotment for business or retail purposes 
  • Bring domestic refuse onto allotment sites 
  • Leave chemicals in allotment sheds, keep them at home in a safe place.