How we buy goods and services

Our purchasing arrangements

Responsibilities for purchasing are organised differently depending on what is being bought.

Some departments carry out their own purchasing if the product or services is specific to that service. There is also a Corporate Procurement Officer responsible for setting strategy, policy and supporting our staff.
All contracts must comply with UK law and our standing orders which govern our contracting activities and procedures for obtaining quotations/tenders and awarding contracts.

As an authority, we:

  • follow procedures that are ethical, environmentally friendly, accountable and compliant with procedural, legal and international obligations
  • achieve continuing improvement in value for money, based on whole life costs and quality of goods and services
  • help to improve the competitiveness of suppliers and support the local economy

Our aim

This is to seek value for money on all goods, services and works we buy. We continuously strive to improve the procurement process and look favourably on companies that can demonstrate an awareness of e-procurement facilities and provide good management information.

We aim to obtain best value from contracts we enter into and to minimise the administrative cost of buying.


Our financial regulations are available to download:

Download the regulations