Community right to challenge

Submitting an expression of interest

Who can submit an expression of interest?

Any relevant body can use the community right to challenge and submit an express of interest.

The act lists the following as relevant bodies:

  • a voluntary body (a body whose activities are not carried out for profit)
  • a community body (a body that carries on activities primarily for the benefit of the community)
  • a body of persons or a trust which is established for charitable purposes only
  • a parish council
  • two more or more employees of the relevant authority
  • any other person or body specified by the Secretary of Sstate by regulations

How do I submit an expression of interest?

Any relevant body wishing to submit an expression of interest can do so by completing an expression of interest form.

Download an expression of interest form

Please email the completed form to or post to FTAO the Business Improvement Manager, Castle House, Barracks Road, Newcastle-under-Lyme, ST5 1BL.

When can I submit an expression of interest?

Expressions of interest can be submitted from 1 March to 30 April.

Timescale of activity

  • March to April: Window for submission of expressions of interest
  • May to July: Assessment and analysis of expressions of interest by procurement group
  • September: Cabinet report on expressions and recommended decisions. Approval by full council.

Assuming acceptance of the expression of interest:

  • October to March: Preparation of tender documents. Please note: the time taken will depend on the nature of the tender
  • Between January and April to September: Procurement process. Please note: this will begin after the preparation of tender documents has been completed, which could be before March
  • October to February: Decision to award contract, TUPE, contract completion etc.
  • April: Go live

More complex procurement (for example, in-house service takeover or competitive dialogue procedures) will be subject to a different timetable. Procurement in these circumstances would commence within nine months of acceptance of an expression of interest and determination.