Council contract regulations

Financial regulations and standing orders

We have a legal responsibility to make proper arrangements for the administration of our financial affairs. The Financial Regulations are aimed at achieving four main objectives:

  • to maintain sound and proper financial records, procedures and arrangements for the administration of all our financial affairs
  • to demonstrate to the public that proper safeguards and controls exist
  • to assist employees and members in their delivery of services to the public
  • to safeguard members and employees by giving them procedures to follow which ensure that our expected standards are met in terms of managing public money and assets

In addition, employees can feel confident that they will have no difficulty in explaining their actions to auditors, the Cabinet, committees, senior managers or the public, if they have followed the financial regulations:

Standing orders

Purchasing and disposal procedures must:

  • achieve best value for public money spent
  • be consistent with the highest standards of integrity
  • ensure fairness in allocating public contracts
  • comply with all legal requirements
  • ensure that non-commercial considerations do not influence any contracting decision
  • support our corporate and departmental aims and policies
  • comply with our best value methodology and competition strategy.