Our performance

How we measure our performance

Council plan

Our aim

Our aim is to be an excellent council and to make this happen we regularly monitor how well we’re doing. Our outcome and priorities developed are underpinned by a set of key performance measures and targets delivered by our council plan. These were agreed by cabinet to be monitored for each year. This helps us to celebrate our achievements and to focus on areas where we need to do better. Quarterly reports are published throughout the financial year to share this information.

Our vision

The borough has around 129,000 residents and the vision is:

      "Good local services, a prosperous borough, and safe and welcoming places for all".

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Annual report

Our first edition of our new Annual Report for 2022-23 outlines the progress the we have made in delivering the priorities for the borough during Year 1 of our 2022-2026 Council Plan. Alongside a review of our performance, the Annual Report also highlights some of the common issues facing the borough’s residents and how we have engaged with local communities to help shape local solutions and service improvements. It also looks at the financial challenges we face and across the local government sector as a whole, and our plans to continue providing value for money services.

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