Schedule 2 Part 1 (2) disclosure requests

How to make a Schedule 2 Part a (2) disclosure request

Schedule 2 Part 1 (2) requests can be made online.

This form must be signed off by someone of police inspector rank or above or for other ‘relevant bodies’ a senior officer/manager. If the form has not been fully and properly completed and authorised you will be asked to re-submit your application.

If you require information on a subject and their family members, please ensure that you include the names and date of births of all family members whose information you wish to review in connection with your investigation and state clearly that you believe pertinent information may be contained within the family records.

We are prepared to accept an email from the authorising inspector or senior manager, attaching the Schedule 2 Part 1 (2) disclosure request and stating clearly that they are authorising the form if there are circumstances where a handwritten signature on the form cannot be obtained.

Make a Schedule Part 1 (2) request

If you require any assistance in completing the form, please email your details and query to and someone will get back to you.