Customer service and access strategy


The Council aims to put the customer at the heart of everything it does by providing consistent, high quality services that meet customers’ needs and by offering choice in how those services can be accessed.

The Council Plan details the priorities and activities of the Council over the next few years. These priorities are:

  • A clean, safe and sustainable borough
  • A borough of opportunity
  • A healthy and active community
  • A co-operative council, delivering high-value, community-driven services

The Customer Service and Access Strategy has been developed to support these priorities by responding to our customers current and future needs; driving change in customer service delivery; tailoring services to meet local needs and improving access to services through the use of customer knowledge gained from sources such as customer consultation. The strategy also addresses the need to deliver high quality services at a time of reduced resources.

In order to meet the needs of customers, the Council must provide services that are:-

  • easy to access
  • simple to use
  • streamlined – providing end-to-end transactions
  • convenient – available at times and in ways that reflect customer preferences
  • efficient and cost effective
  • consistent across all services