Unauthorised traveller and gypsy sites

What happens after a report has been made?

How long it takes to evict the gypsies/travellers will depend upon the circumstances of each individual case. Typically the process takes 5 to 7 days to follow a legal process and arrange a court hearing.

First working day encampment reported

  • Complete a welfare assessment
  • Issue first formal notice to leave. (Section 77 Directive)
  • Code of conduct given to the encampment
  • Public notice displayed at site to explain that a process has started to remove travellers
  • Updates sent out to relevant departments, partners agencies, ward councillors and details added to our website

Second working day

  • Site inspection completed and update sent out to partner agencies
  • Witness statement and case file completed andapplication made to the court for a hearing
  • Public notice displayed at the site confirming that an application has been made for a court hearing
  • Updates added to our website

Second or third working day

  • Issue summons to travellers with details of date and time arrnaged for a court hearing. Travellers must be given 24 hrs. advance warning of court hearing

Date of court hearing

  • Attend court hearing to seek eviction order. (Section 78 Order)
  • Updates added to our website.

If a court order is granted

  • Advise travellers that a court order has been granted and display a copy or public notice at the site
  • Remove persons and vehicles if they remain 24 hours later