GoLearn - home portal for swimming lessons

Parents/guardians whose children are on our learn to swim programme, will be able to manage their lessons online and be kept informed of their progress by registering for the home portal.

From December 2023, parents will be able to enrol their children for swimming lessons on the Home Portal. Please follow the descriptors for each stage to ensure your child is enrolled in to the correct stage.

GoLearn home portal

Please contact reception for more information, email J2general@newcastle-staffs.gov.uk 

Benefits of GoLearn

Instructors will:

  • mark registers with poolside devices
  • continually record each swimmers progress
  • record when awards are completed
  • manage medical alerts

Parents/guardians will be able to:

  • use GoLearn on your mobile devices to check attendance
  • view your swimmers progress – this is through continual assessment
  • able to move your swimmer up to the next stage when they have passed all of the outcomes, from the comfort of your own home - you will receive an email to prompt you to do so
  • inform us of any medical conditions your swimmer has
  • keep current contact details up to date