Kidsgrove Town Deal project: Chatterley Valley

Frequently asked questions

Why is the Kidsgrove Town Deal putting money into this when it’s not in Kidsgrove?

Chatterley Valley West represents the only large employment development site near to Kidsgrove. Once developed, the site could generate 1,700 jobs and £63 million GVA per annum in the local area. Chatterley Valley is a strategic growth priority for the Stoke and Staffordshire Local Enterprise Partnership.

Although Chatterley Valley lies in the Bradwell ward, it sits on the northern side of the A500 and is closer to Kidsgrove than to Newcastle town centre. It is also readily accessible by active travel methods from Kidsgrove on safe routes through Bathpool Park, providing access to these job opportunities for Kidsgrove residents.

The inclusion of this project in the Kidsgrove Town Deal significantly strengthened the overall economic impact of the application.

Why didn’t the Newcastle Town Deal finance or co-finance this project?

The government did not allow projects to be split across two town deals so it was not possible to share the costs. Given the proximity and accessibility for residents of Kidsgrove, Butt Lane and Talke, the board agreed that the Kidsgrove Town Deal would cover the project costs.

How is this going to benefit the people of Kidsgrove?

Around 1700 jobs will be created on the site when it is completed, many of which will be highly skilled, providing opportunities for all, including our young people.