Newcastle 850 anniversary legacy

Legacy: the historic charters


Brampton Museum has nine original charters in our collection, the earliest dating from 1281.

The charters are a miraculous survival story and we want to ensure that they are still in existence generations from now.

To do this, the charters need specialist conservation work - cleaning, repairing, humidifying and the wax seals consolidating. They need new archival quality enclosures, boxes and shelving. We also plan to have them digitally scanned so we can share them online.

It seems fitting to raise money for the conservation, digitisation and storage of the charters, which are the foundation documents of our town.

We already have some funds towards our goal but need to raise another £1,000 and any amount, large or small, will help us to reach our goal.

How can I support the project?

Every gift, large or small, contributes to our work and helps us to care for our heritage.

You can make a donation by completing our online form:

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