Planning obligations (Section 106)

Preparation of the planning obligation

The Staffordshire local planning authorities, including Staffordshire County Council, have come together to produce a standardised template for Section 106 agreements across Staffordshire. These relate to planning applications made to the Staffordshire district/borough councils.

The county and district/borough councils have committed to publicising this standardised template upfront so applicants are clear what documentation they are required to complete as part of the application process. This will reduce delays and costs for applicants and simplify the planning process.

The standard template has optional schedules which will be applied according to the nature of any proposed development.

The councils do not envisage entering into significant dialogue with applicants about amendments to the standard template other than removing references which are plainly not applicable. This is because the template has been agreed by Staffordshire County Council and the Staffordshire district/borough council planning authorities.

The templates that are most relevant for developments in Newcastle-under-Lyme borough are:

  • the main S106 agreement
  • schedule 1
  • schedule 2
  • schedule 7