Knutton and Cross Heath development sites (phase 1) supplementary planning document

We have produced a supplementary planning document (SPD) for the Knutton and Cross Heath area. It provides planning guidance for key housing sites in Knutton and Cross Heath which will be developed under the renew housing market renewal (HMR) programme. It gives specific guidance for planning applications, including seeing that they have good design quality.

Its overall aim is to bring about an improvement in the quality of life in Knutton and Cross Heath. Developers will have to comply with the guidance set out in the SPD when making proposals for new housing developments.

The SPD will be introduced in the same phases as those of the HMR programme.

This part of the draft SPD sets out a vision for:

  • the Lower Mile House Lane Estate
  • the former industrial sites immediately to the south-east between the Wammy and Morrison’s store

These sites form the first phase of development to be brought forward under HMR programme.

As future phases of development are brought forward for other neighbourhoods, new sections of the SPD setting out the key planning considerations for each of those areas will be written. These later sections will have separate consultation procedures before they are adopted.

The SPD (phase 1) was adopted on 30 July 2008. The adopted document and its adoption statement can be downloaded.

Download the  documents