Article 4 directions

Removal of permitted development rights and Article 4 directions

What does this mean?

This means that work that would not normally require planning permission will require planning permission and the submission of a planning application, including a fee.  

We can remove permitted development rights either by a condition attached to a planning application or by an Article 4 direction. An Article 4 direction is part of planning legislation that allows us to remove permitted development rights from an area, like a conservation area, or from an individual property in certain situations to help protect local amenity. It can remove certain changes of use of land or buildings or types of development.

We have a number of Article 4 directions within the borough which remove some permitted development rights and affect the type of development rather than the change of use of a building. Each direction varies as to how it might affect and help protect the conservation area’s character. They include development like:

  • porches
  • changing historic doors and windows
  • removing or putting up walls
  • gates or fences
  • other architectural features

Details of our Article 4 directions

You can download these documents for our 11 conservation areas in the borough:

Download the documents

Article 4 directions that affect changes of use

These have been removed in one area in the borough and details of this Article 4 direction can be downloaded.

Download the document