Environmental Health enforcement policy

Application of our policy statement

This policy statement applies to officers when making enforcement decisions. We are committed to ensuring that all officers are made aware of on this policy and other relevant aspects of enforcement.

Any departure from this policy must be exceptional, capable of justification and be fully considered by the appropriate manager before a final decision is taken. The reason for departure must be recorded. This proviso shall not apply where a risk of injury or to health is likely to occur due to a delay in any decision being made.

In cases of emergency or where exceptional conditions prevail, the Chief Executive or an Executive Director may suspend all or part of this policy, but only when necessary to achieve effective running of the service and/or where there is a risk of injury or to health of employees or members of the public. At the soonest appropriate time they should record their actions, the information they acted on, and their resultant decisions.

Where it is in the public interests we will take all necessary steps to highlight enforcement action to inform and involve the public in our enforcement activities