Householder advice

Asbestos was widely used in several products before the year 2000. You may have asbestos containing materials in your house, the most common items being things like:

  • cement sheets

  • cement pipes and drains

  • floor tiles

  • textured wall coverings

If these kinds of items are kept in good condition, they are unlikely to pose any risks.

The Health and Safety Executive has produced guidance on working with asbestos containing materials.

We cannot help you to identify asbestos containing materials.

Disposal of asbestos-containing materials

If you want to dispose of asbestos containing materials, you may be able to do so at a Staffordshire County Council household waste recycling centre (tip). The nearest sites accepting asbestos are at:

Asbestos disposal guidance is available on Staffordshire County Council’s web site.

Otherwise, you will need to use a properly licensed waste contractor to dispose of asbestos waste. You cannot dispose of items containing asbestos with your household waste.