Fireworks and bonfire night

Celebrating at home?

If you're thinking of celebrating bonfire night at home, please read the community guide from Gov.UK.

Running an event?

Events on borough council owned land must receive formal approval from us. Please contact us to request the forms needed:

We reserve the right to remove unauthorised bonfires on council owned land. 


For firework safety advice please see the HSE fireworks website.

Fireworks can frighten and disturb people and animals, cause annoyance, damage and impact air quality.


The Fireworks Act 2003 introduced a curfew on firework use between 11pm and 7am – except from the following nights where the curfew begins at different times:

  • 5 November - midnight
  • New Year's Eve - 1am
  • Chinese New Year - 1am
  • Diwali  - 1am

The curfew is enforced by Staffordshire Police, please phone them on 101.

Fireworks set off within the allowed times can still be a noise nuisance and we may take action if a statutory nuisance exists.


Staffordshire Police are also responsible for enforcing the law relating to the following offences:

  • possession of adult fireworks (all fireworks except party poppers and sparklers) in a public place by anyone under the age of 18
  • possession of category 4 fireworks (professional display fireworks) by anyone other than a fireworks professional
  • supply of adult fireworks to those under 18
  • throwing or casting or firing any firework in or into any highway, street, thoroughfare or public space (this would include throwing or firing from a private place into a public place, street, highway etc.
  • discharging any firearm or firework (without lawful authority or excuse) within 50 feet of the centre of a highway which consists of or comprises a carriageway