Pest control service

Pest control costs for residents
Pest Online price Price when invoiced (+ administration fee)
Rats (up to four visits) £62.40 £83.20
Mice (up to three visits) £62.40 £83.20
Bees/Wasps  £83.20 £104
Ants £83.20 £104
Fleas £124.80 £145.60
Squirrels £150.80 £171.60

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What happens next?

We recommend you tell your neighbours the problems you’ve found and the action you are taking. It may be that they also need to act so that problems can be solved quickly.

If the problem is outside, there is nothing you need to do before we arrive, provided we can open gates to get to where treatment is needed. We will check your garden and find the best places to place baits or traps.

If the problem is inside, we’ll need to find when the rodents are active. We may want to move washing machines or fridges to place baits. It would help if you could pick up items from the floor to make space. 

Usually, we will place baits where the rodents can access them, but away from pets and children. We will need to check these after 7-10 days and top them up if needed. Sometimes we will use traps which may need to be reset. We will explain where baits have been put.

Our treatments will kill rats and mice, but you may need to do other things to find how they got into your home, or what attracted them to your garden. Waste may need to be cleared from gardens and plants cut back. Repairs may be needed to drains, or holes filled in walls. Usually, the pest control officer will explain what is needed. 

Cancellations and refunds

You have 14 days to cancel the service from the date you place your request. To do this, please email with your name, address and reference number.

Please note: if the service has been provided in full, you may not be entitled to any refund at all.

We aim to process any refund within 5 working days of it being requested. Refunds are generally returned to the payment card used.  Alternatively, refunds can be made to a bank account.  We are unable to refund by cash or cheque.