Pest control advice service


We are not currently providing pest control services to our residents. We will review this over time as the new mobile multi-functional service develops and finds it’s priorities and capacity.


A limited range of services continue for businesses. Businesss services start at £110. For a quote please contact us:

Local beekeepers

We have a list of local beekeepers, including where they are based.

Tim Waye (Baldwins Gate) 

Phone: 01782 680453 or 07762 930578 

David Teasdale (Endon) 

Phone: 01782 502495 or 07971 013787 

Phillip Hulme (Butterton) 

Phone: 01782 681268  

Robert Carr (Kidsgrove) 

Phone: 01782 776944 

Paul Burch (Newcastle) 

Phone: 07967 143643 

If you would like your details adding, updating or removing please contact us.

Beekeepers do not work for us and are not obliged to respond. Any arrangement you make with them is a private agreement. They may make a charge for their time and travelling expenses.