Planning advice

What do we do?

When a planning application is submitted to our planning colleagues, they may ask us for our opinion on certain planning matters, which could include:

  • the possible short-term impacts of the development on the local environment, such as the impact of construction activities (from things like noise and dust) on the local community

  • the possible long-term impacts of the development on the local environment. We consider the impact from things like artificial lighting, odours, dust and noise, especially from commercial or industrial developments, on the local community when the development has been completed

  • the possible impacts of the local environment on the future occupiers of developments. This includes things like the impacts from road noise and pre-existing commercial or industrial developments on future residents

  • the possible presence of land contamination

  • the impact of certain developments on local air quality

Once we have reviewed a planning application, we offer our opinion to our planning colleagues.

If we are concerned about a particular issue, we may recommend that the planning application be refused. On the other hand, if we think the issue can be controlled, we may recommend that any planning approval be conditioned, to make the developer take steps to control or manage it.