Public rights of way restrictions proposal

We have consulted residents on a proposed public space protection order to restrict access to a small number of public rights of way in the borough. 

There are currently two public rights of way in the borough, one of which is restricted permanently (Newcastle 143) and another which is partially restricted (Kidsgrove 19). We are also proposing to restrict access to Newcastle 132 due to ongoing issues of anti-social behaviour in this location. 

Gating is used in locations which have or are continuing to have issues of crime and anti-social behaviour. The restricted access of these public rights of way provide reassurance to local residents and the general public.  

‘Kidsgrove 19’ is partially closed between 18:00 hours and 08:00 hours. Alternative routes are available. 

‘Newcastle 143’ is permanently locked due to historic anti-social behaviour. It runs behind residential properties and by a primary school and a cricket club onto the marsh. Alternative routes are available.

‘Newcastle 132’ is the proposed public right of way to be gated due to current and ongoing anti-social behaviour. Alternative routes are available. 


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The consultation will close on Monday 26 June 2023.