Swimming lesson courses and costs

Our programmes

All our classes will have a maximum of 10 children per teacher.

Discovery Duckling

Our Discovery Duckling programme is designed for children from birth to 24 months. These lessons are perfect for adult and child bonding, as well as building water confidence and basic water skills. The lessons last for 30 minutes.

Duckling classes

Our Duckling class programme is designed for children aged between 2 and 4.  The lessons help to develop swimming skills and build independence in the water. The lessons last for 30 minutes.

General swimming lessons 

Lessons follow the Swim England Learn to Swim Framework and run from Stage 1 to Stage 7. These lessons are suitable for children 16 and under. The lessons last for 30 minutes.

Adult lessons

If you are looking for adult swimming lessons, please see our dedicated page.

A woman in a swimming pool

Interested in lifeguard training?

Our Rookie Lifeguard course can run alongside normal swimming lessons, allowing your child to explore water safety, gradually gaining independence and confidence while learning vital life skills.

Read more about the Rookie Lifeguard scheme