Swimming frequently asked questions and code of conduct

Swimmers code of conduct

We are committed to providing all our customers with a quality service in a friendly, clean and safe environment. To help us achieve this please observe our swimmers code of conduct at all times:

  • Wear only appropriate, recognised swimwear. 
  • Babies and young children should wear only appropriate elasticated swimwear. 
  • Shower thoroughly and toilet before entering the pool.
  • Follow all instructions given by staff and displayed on notices, safety signs etc.
  • Behave in a responsible and courteous manner to all staff and other customers. 
  • Pay due respect to the safety and enjoyment of all customers. 
  • Treat the facility with care and respect. 
  • Stay in shallow water if you cannot swim well. 
  • Never leave children under 8 years of age unsupervised and always comply with our policy.

Do not swim if:

  • You feel unwell
  • You are suffering or have recently suffered with diarrhoea or a gastro-intestinal infection. 
  • You have a medical problem (without first consulting your doctor). 
  • You have recently consumed alcohol or a main meal.