Furniture and white goods reuse and recycling

Recycling or reuse collections

Buying new

When you buy new furniture, such as beds and fridges, lots of retailers have 'take-back' options where you can arrange for collection of your old item for recycling while ordering your new one. This makes it really quick and convenient and can mean that you don't need to make separate arrangements for removal of the old items. Depending on who you buy from, the old item will be reused or recycled. Some retailers have a pre-loved selection of their products for sale, and will even pay you for returning the old item.


Lots of the bigger charities run collection services for unwanted furniture (as well as bric-a-brac and clothes). Using them provides reassurance that your old item will go to be reused, and some of these charities will do everything from a single item of furniture to a house clearance.

One of the biggest charities providing free collections is the British Heart Foundation. You can book a free collection on their website.

The Salvation Army also offer free collections. You can find contact details on the Salvation Army website. 

If you prefer a charity benefiting people locally, you could try Emmaus North Staffs for a free collection service.