DBS Application

Before you complete this form

You should have completed a DBS appliction on the on the Stoke portal. You will need the reference number from the Stoke portal to complete this form. Full information on this process is available on our website.

Things you will need


GOV.UK have provided a full list of acceptable forms of identification.

You will need to upload a form of personal identification from:

  • Group 1: Primary identity documents

You will also need to upload 2 forms of identification confirming your address and right to work from:

  • Group 1: Primary identity documents
  • Group 2a: Trusted government documents
  • Group 2b: Financial and social history documents

Please note that you cannot use the same document twice, you must have 3 separate forms of identification.

Please check the file sizes of the documents you will be uploading, the total combined files should not be more than 18MB.


A fee is required on submission of your application, please have your debit or credit card available.

Please confirm that you have read and understand what is required. Required Required