ActiveLife: Cancer Rehabilitation Programme

Who can be referred?

The programme is available to patients who have been diagnosed with any cancer type and are pre-treatment, undergoing treatment or post-treatment, who are residents of Newcastle under Lyme. To cater for a wide range of patients the scheme includes an individual gym-based exercises as well as group exercise classes.

Inclusion criteria

  • Has received a cancer diagnosis within the past 12 months 
  • Patient must be in a stable condition, safe to exercise and not awaiting further investigation. 
  • Not a member of Jubilee2  
  • Must live in the borough of Newcastle-under-Lyme.

Exclusion criteria 

Absolute contra indications for exercise: 

  • Hypertension rest SP >180 or DBP >100 BPM. 
  • Symptomatic hypotension -significant drop in BP during exercise / dizziness / light headedness. 
  • Pain dizziness or excessive breathlessness experienced during exertion. 
  • Other rapidly progressing terminal illness. 
  • Any unstable or uncontrolled condition. 
  • Unstable Angina (risk of provoking ischaemia or MI). 
  • Unstable or acute heart failure – pitting oedema, dyspnoea. 
  • Unstable Diabetes. 
  • New or uncontrolled arrhythmias (irregular pulse, Atrial Fibrillation, heart block, new bradycardia). 
  • Tachycardias (resting HR >100 BPM). 
  • Febrile illness (flu/fever). 
  • Any other condition that restricts ability to exercise safely. 
  • Unhealed wounds 
  • Individuals experiencing acute uncontrolled psychiatric conditions.