Complain (apply for a review) of a licensed premises/club

What happens next?

If we think the reason you have asked for the premises licence or club premises certificate to be reviewed isn't significant enough, or they have already been looked at, we can refuse to review the licence or certificate. If this happens, we will tell you the reasons why.

If your application is accepted, we'll advertise the licence is to be reviewed, other interested parties and responsible authorities will have 28 days to respond. After that, a hearing will be held and you will be invited to attend, along with the licensee and anyone else who has responded.

The result of a review for a premises licence could mean the premises:

  • has conditions added to, changed or removed from its licence for up to three months
  • is forbidden from running a particular activity for up to three months
  • has its designated premises supervisor removed
  • has its licence suspended
  • has its licence revoked

With club premises certificates, the premises could have:

  • conditions added, changed or removed from its certificate for up to three months
  • a qualifying club activity removed from the its certificate for up to three months
  • its certificate suspended for up to three months
  • its certificate withdrawn

The decision can be appealed.

If you want to comment on any review applications write to us during the dates which will be on the public notice.