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Newcastle Town Centre Car Park Map

* Please click on the interactive map to check rate of pay and also spaces available.
* Please note there are no free car parks available however all Borough Council operated car parks are free on Sunday and Bank Holidays.

Full PDF format of all car park charges and opening times can be downloaded via this link -  View car park charges and opening times (PDF 90Kb)

Pay and Display

The Borough Council operates traditional pay and display on most of the car parks. Please note that change is not given.

Pay by phone

Motorists using the Borough Council’s pay and display car parks can now opt for ‘cashless’ payments by phone.

The ‘Phone and Pay’ cashless parking scheme provides motorists with a quick, easy and safe way to pay for parking in advance, as well as benefiting from additional features such as text confirmation that parking has been booked and a reminder when the session is due to expire. Motorists also have the facility to extend parking sessions via phone, text or app, allowing shoppers and visitors to stay longer in the town centre without having to return to the car.

Please note that a 20p transaction fee is payable for initial parking, 10p for a text reminder, 10p for extending parking (where permitted), 10p confirmation text

Cashless payments can be made on the Phone and Pay smartphone app or by calling,  01782 367788 Users can also register for the system online at www.phoneandpay.co.uk

Please follow the instructions on the notices in the car park to give the correct site code to identify which car park you have parked on.

Credit Payments

Car users can register for an account which can be either be pre-loaded or paid for as used when a credit/debit card is used.

The system provides for full VAT receipts.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition

The Council’s contractor utilises Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras to check that parking fees have been paid. If parking fees have not been paid an alert will be sent to notify the Council’s Civil Enforcement Officers to take recovery action.

ANPR is currently in operation in the Midway, Goose Street, School Street, Barracks Road and Windsor Street.


Last updated 2 May 2018

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