Electric vehicle charging points

The following car parks have electric vehicle charging points for public and taxi driver use:

  • Heathcote Street, (Kidsgrove), ST7 4AA
  • The Parade, Silverdale, Newcastle, ST5 6LQ

Locations of car parks can be found on the zapmap web site.

Parking is for electrical vehicles in clearly allocated and demarked parking bays only while being charged.

Please note: the electric charging points at Newcastle-under-Lyme Council Central Depot are not for public use.


Charging tariffs are displayed at each charging point. All locations accept debit/credit card payment, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Payment is made direct to the electric vehicle charger machine operator. The charging tariff does not include our car parks parking fee (this needs to be paid separately direct to us and is advertised on the signs at the above car parks).

If you extend your stay in the car park in a non-designated electric vehicle bay, once your vehicle battery is charged, you must ensure you are still within your allotted payment period you have made for public parking on the council car park. Alternatively, you can extend your stay by paying the appropriate separate fee for the prescribed length you wish to stay on for.

Time of stay

You must only stay within the allotted time period for the electric vehicle charging bay and ensure your vehicle is parked fully within the prescribed electric vehicle charging bay extent lines themselves.


Please do not trail the charger lead too far a distance to your own vehicle or, put too much strain or create an entanglement hazard by having the charging lead extend too far.

You will face a penalty charge notice if your vehicle is not correctly and safely parked in the allocated electric vehicle car park parking bays.

Next steps

The next phase in the delivery of electric vehicle (EV) charging points across the borough will be through the development of further points via the Local Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (LEVI) fund in partnership with Staffordshire County Council.

Further information

For further information for the public and taxi drivers on the location and electric vehicles charging regime (operated in partnership with PoGo (the brand name of SWARCO), and Stoke-on-Trent City Council), please see the North Staffordshire Electric Taxi and Private Hire Information Hub - Cenex pages.

Information on the location, access, arrangement and costs of using the chargers link, is on the Stoke-on-Trent City Council website which provides more information on charge locations and the payment process.