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Traveller Update

Douglas Road

21 March

This encampment has been moved from this location. The site has been secured.

A clean up will commence over the next few days.

The Council have now obtained a court order to evict the above encampment. 

The Council has a court hearing for the above today (21 March) at 3pm.

20 March

At 3pm this afternoon we received confirmation of an unauthorised encampment establishing at the above location.

At 3.10pm this afternoon a welfare assessment was conducted and a Section 77 notice to leave the site has been served.

Blackfriars car park

20 March

We can now confirm that the unauthorised encampment has been moved on from the above location.

The Council have been successful in obtaining the Section 78 Order from court for the removal of the unauthorised encampment at the above location. A copy of the court order will be served on the group at 11.15am. We will then return to enforce the order at 1pm with the assistance of our colleagues from Staffordshire Police.

19 March

The Council have a court hearing for the encampment on the 20 March 2019 at 9.30am.

18 March

The council have received notification of an unauthorised encampment establishing on Blackfriars car park, Blackfriars Road. This land is owned by Newcastle Borough Council.

A site inspection will be conducted this afternoon by officers, where a welfare assessment will be completed and a section 77 notice to leave the site will be served. We will then look to secure a court date. 

Further updates will be sent out in due course.


Last updated 21 March 2019

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