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Traveller Update

Report unauthorised Gypsy and Traveller Encampments

Unauthorised Encampment on land off Birchenwood Way by the path to Parklands.

12 June

2pm - The group have vacated the area. It is believed that they have set up in the city area. A review of the site will be completed and a clean up will commence in due course.

11am - Section 78 Order for the above unauthorised encampment. will be served today at 11.30am.

9 June

At 10am the case for the unauthorised encampment was heard at Newcastle Justice Centre. 

On hearing the case, the court have decided to not grant the Section 78 order which enables the local authority to remove an unauthorised encampment from public land. 

The case will instead be reheard in court on Friday 12 June.

5 June

A court hearing has been enlisted for Tuesday 9 June at 10am at Newcastle Justice Centre. 

4 June

We have received confirmation of an unauthorised encampment establishing on land off Birchenwood Way (next to the path through to the Parklands Estate). 

A welfare assessment has been conducted and the Section 77 Notice to leave the land has been issued at 3.15 today. 

Further updates will be sent out when available. 

Last updated 12 June 2020

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