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Traveller Update

Wolstanton Marsh

31 August

Newcastle-under-Lyme borough council are aware that there is a traveller encampment on Wolstanton Marsh and we are initiating proceedings to try to secure an eviction.

We are also liaising with the police and other partners to assist in this process.


1 September

The council have been granted a court date of Monday 4 September at 2pm and have issued the notice informing the travellers accordingly.

Further updates will be sent out in due course.


4 September

Following the hearing this afternoon at Newcastle Magistrates Court, a possession order has been granted to the council for immediate action, and this has been served on the travellers late this afternoon..

Further updates will be sent out in due course.


5 September

I can now confirm that the unauthorised encampment at the above location have now vacated the site. 

A clean up operation will now commence. The play ground will be temporarily unavailable whilst the work is being completed. 

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