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Commissioning Opportunities

Commissioning with the Council

Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council commissions providers from the voluntary and community sector to deliver various services to residents of the borough. This is where opportunities to tender for the services that make a real difference within our communities are advertised. The Commissioning Framework has been developed with the voluntary and community sector and partners, which puts in place a process for commissioning future services.

Commissioning with the Newcastle Partnership

The Council contributes to the Newcastle Partnership, which brings together a variety of partners from the public sector along with the private, business, community and voluntary sectors to support each other and work together to improve the quality of life for local people and communities.

Commissioning Framework

The Framework ensures that the Council receives outcome-led, value-for-money services from the organisations that better meet the Council’s priorities while providing a fair and transparent funding allocation process.

Commissioning remains a central feature of local government and public service reform. The public sector has been challenged to shift away from narrow service delivery functions and adopt a more strategic commissioning role. This means stepping back from traditional service delivery and focussing on understanding the needs of the community and leading activity to secure improved outcomes.

There is a growing tendency to misuse the term “commissioning” and the framework outlines the differences to prevent the term being used incorrectly. The framework is also key in applying consistent standards and processes when we commission services to support commissioning activities at various levels.

Commissioning Opportunities

There is currently a Commissioning Opportunity for 

Complex Needs Outreach Service

The Newcastle Partnership would like to re-commission an experienced, reputable, specialist third sector partner to deliver a dedicated outreach service working closely with individuals across the borough who have complex needs including substance misuse and mental health issues.

Applications via Supplier Contract Management System (www.mytenders.co.uk) by 5pm on 3 March 2020. 

Questions of clarification should be submitted via the Supplier Contract Management System (www.mytenders.co.uk ) for the attention of Trevor Smith, Partnerships Interventions Officer.


If you would like further information on the Commissioning Framework or have any queries please contact Bev Cleary on 01782 742758 or e-mail Beverley Cleary

Last updated 6 February 2020

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