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Farm Animals In Your Garden

A growing number of residents are deciding to keep animals such as micro pigs, goats or chickens in their gardens. We receive requests for advice and information on subjects ranging from “Can I sell eggs?” to “What can I do with the waste?”

Doing Your Homework First

Many residents are well-prepared and have thought about issues such as:-

Housing the animal

  • Secure enclosures – preventing accidental escape
  • Adequate buildings  - with enough space for the animals and which can be kept clean
  • Regular collection and appropriate storage of waste

Health, welfare and feed

  • Sufficient space
  • Veterinary health checks
  • Appropriate and varied diet

Regulations and notifications

  • Registration of animals
  • Movement of animals

In a small number of cases problems do occur and we typically receive complaints about:-

  • Noise
  • Odour
  • Pests: Rats and Flies

When problems occur

If we receive complaints we will first attempt to help you put them right.  For example, we can offer pest control assistance (see our Pest Control pages for details) or give advice based on our experience.

However, if problems are more severe and there is no improvement we may need to use enforcement powers.  Please see our pagess for:- Noise, Odour, and Flies.

We also receive enquiries from concerned neighbours.


Staffordshire County Council has joined with a number of local councils to help answer many of the frequently asked questions or to offer further assistance.

We currently offer the following fact sheets from Staffordshire County Council's Animal Health Team.  Please see the Useful Documents section for details

Further support from the Council

Planning and Development service

  • Contact the planning department if you propose to add any buildings or change the use of large areas of your garden. If possible contact by letter, provide a plan of what you propose and your contact details

Telephone: 01782 717717

Email: Planning Applications

Pest control

  • Prevent problems with rodents and flies by keeping areas clean and storing feed correctly. Contact our pest control team for help and advice

Telephone: 01782 717717

Email: Customer Services

Food safety

  • Advise the food safety team if you plan to sell any produce
  • We can provide food hygiene advice and explain any training which may be required
  • You will need to register as a food business

Telephone: 01782 717717

Email: Food and Safety 

Waste management

  • Clean up regularly and well
  • Disinfect with an animal safe product
  • Store waste correctly
  • Don’t let too much stored waste accumulate
  • Arrange appropriate disposal
  • Don't burn waste
  • In some circumstances small quantities of waste can be placed in the Council's garden waste bins – check first by calling 01782 742592
  • There is further guidance on the Recycle Now website

Call: 01782 717717

Email: Customer Services

If you still have unanswered questions contact us.  We’ll try to find an answer and update the pages to help others.

Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council
Environmental Health
01782 717717
Email: Customer Services
This website 

Staffordshire County Council
Animal Health Team
01785 277875
E-mail Animal Health 

Staffordshire Smallholders Association
01889 881377
E-mail Brian Portsmouth
Staffordshire Smallholders' Association website

Last updated 29 March 2018

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