Barking dogs

It is normal and completely natural for dogs to bark. Some dog breeds will bark more than others, as some are naturally more vocal or it is what they are bred to do. However, if a dog barks and whines constantly, at unsocialable times of the day, this is not normal and may constitute as a statutory nuisance.

If it safe to do so, try and approach your neighbour, and help them to understand how their dog barking is effecting you. 

Each case is different and usually for a statutory nuisance to exist, and for us to be able to help, it would need to:

  • Unreasonably and substantially interfere with the use or enjoyment of a home or other premises, and/or
  • Injure health or be likely to injure health (prejudicial to health).

If you think the barking dog is a statutory nuisance, please follow our guidance on how to report this to us:

Report a barking dog