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Missed Bin Collections

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Before reporting a missed collection of recycling or food waste, garden waste or non-recyclable household rubbish check your collection date with the Collection Date Finder.

Like lots of Councils and businesses we have increasing numbers of our crews who are currently not in work due to either a positive Covid test, or a Track and Trace instruction to self-isolate.   We are doing everything we can to cover collections across all services, but staff availability is changing hour by hour, even during the working day.  If your street is listed here we will do our best to get back to you, but staff availability may not make this possible.  If you have reported a missed collection we do have you on our list to return to, but please bear with us, as we may not be able to return within the usual 2 days at the moment.  There’s no need to contact us again if we are running late, as we already have your details.  We are prioritising the missed collections for food waste and household rubbish, because of the odour and hygiene implications.  Staffing shortages last week meant that some flats and schools did not get their scheduled recycling collection.  We will do our best to recover the situation at the end of this week.  However, if staffing continues to be a problem, we may be unable to return until the next scheduled collections, which will be in the week commencing 2 August.

If you have coronavirus or suspect that you have coronavirus (temperature over 38C and persistent cough) please ensure that you double-bag all used tissues or disposable wipes and store them for 72 hours (3 days) before putting them in your household rubbish bin.  It will protect our staff and enable us to run our services.)

Please note we will know if your collection didn’t take place if it was due to vehicle breakdown, access problems, roadworks or some other operational problem and if these issues prevented your collection we will already have a plan to return as soon as possible.  Before completing the online form, please follow this link to check if we already know that your property didn’t get a collection. If your street is listed there is no need to complete the missed collection form.

We will collect your recycling and waste containers from the boundary of your property (or from an agreed collection point) on your scheduled collection day between 6am and 6pm. Please let us know as soon as possible if you think that your recycling or waste has been missed, so that we can put it right for you quickly.   Use the online form to report a missed collection before the end of the next working day.

If your bin is damaged we will not have been able to empty it and our crews will have reported it.  We have arranged for delivery of a replacement within the next 10 working days.  When the replacement bin is delivered the damaged one and the contents will be taken away.  Please leave damaged bins at the front of your property if this is the case.

The table below shows you when to report the missed collection and when we will return:

Scheduled collection day Best day to report Final reporting day  Day by which we will return before 6pm
Monday Monday Tuesday Thursday
Tuesday Tuesday Wednesday Friday
Wednesday Wednesday Thursday Monday
Thursday Thursday Friday Tuesday
Friday Friday Monday Wednesday


If your waste, garden waste or recycling has not been taken because of householder error (for example wrong materials, contamination, not presented by 6am or presented at the wrong location) then we will be unable to make a return visit. Please ensure it is presented correctly on your next scheduled collection day.

If you have received a card saying that you have rubble, unwrapped glass, unbagged pet waste etc. in your bin, or our records show that your bin was contaminated in some way, you will need to remove this material so that we will be able to empty your container on the next scheduled collection day. If you have not been left a card and the missed collection was the fault of the Council we will return as soon as possible.

Last updated 27 July 2021

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