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Missed Bin Collections

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We will collect your recycling and waste containers from the boundary of your property (or from an agreed collection point) on your scheduled collection day between 6am and 6pm. If your recycling or waste has not been collected by 6pm and you think it has been missed, follow this link to complete an online form or call us on 01782 717717 on the next working day.

Please note we will already know that your collection didn’t take place if it was due to vehicle breakdown, access problems, roadworks or some other operational problem; and if these issues prevented your collection we will already have a plan to return as soon as possible.  Before completing the online form, please follow this link to check if we already know that your property didn’t get a collection. If your street is listed, there is no need to complete the missed collection form.

The table below shows you when to report the missed collection and when we will return:


Scheduled collection day Reporting day for missed collection Day by which we will return before 6pm
Monday Tuesday Thursday
Tuesday Wednesday Friday
Wednesday Thursday Monday
Thursday Friday Tuesday
Friday Monday Wednesday

If your waste, garden waste or recycling has not been taken because of householder error (for example wrong materials, contamination, not presented by 6am or presented at the wrong location) then we will be unable to make a return visit. Please ensure it is presented correctly on your next scheduled collection day.

Last updated 28 March 2018

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