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Order a Container or Sticker

Recycling and food waste containers

Please use this online form to order a blue recycling bin, blue recycling bag, food waste caddy liner, kitchen food waste caddy (small, silver, indoor), or outdoor food waste caddy (larger, green, for presentation on collection day).

Lost or stolen household rubbish bin

If your household rubbish wheelie bin has been lost or stolen use this online form to order a replacement. There is a charge for delivering a replacement bin to your property.  No discounts are available and you can't collect the bin in person.  

Household rubbish has to be presented for collection in a wheelie bin provided by the Council.  Do not provide your own container, even if it is a wheelie bin, as we will only empty containers which we have provided.  If your property has been deemed unsuitable for a wheelie bin we will be leaving two black sacks for your rubbish each fortnight. If you do not need a standard 180 litre bin, or find it difficult to store, a smaller 140 litre bin is available upon request.

If you require a larger household rubbish bin

If your household is made up of six or more permanent residents use this online form to request a larger bin for your household rubbish. This larger bin holds 240ltr of rubbish and has a square lid, rather than the standard 180ltr capacity bin, which has a rectangular lid.  If the rubbish bin at your property already has a square lid then you already have one of these larger bins and nothing else will be provided.  We may ask you to provide evidence to prove that all the people you say live in the property are actually living there.

If you have a medical condition which means that you produce extra waste - such as incontinence products, stoma bags, home dialysis materials and so on, and it doesn’t fit into your household rubbish bin, we may be able to help. Use this online form.

Replacement or new garden waste bin or sticker

There’s a short-term delay in garden waste bin sticker dispatch at the moment.  Please allow up to 3 weeks for your bin sticker to arrive.  Our collection crew will have information in the cab about new subscribers to ensure that you get collections while waiting for your sticker.  As soon as your sticker arrives, please put it onto your bin.

If you need a new or replacement garden waste bin (this is not a subscription, its just the bin itself) or to replace your subscription sticker, please use this online form .  If your bin fell into the collection vehicle or was damaged while being emptied, we will deliver a replacement bin and send a sticker by post.

The Council is keen to reuse containers wherever it is safe and practical to do so.  Any bin which you receive from us will be clean, safe and serviceable.  It may not be new.

Please note that containers remain the property of the Council at all times.  It is your responsibility to ensure that containers are kept safe between collections.  We expect that they will be kept within the boundary of your property between collections.


Last updated 1 April 2021

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