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Order a Replacement or New Garden Waste Bin or Sticker

Your garden waste bin may not be safe to use if it is severely damaged.

We can repair or replace hinges or lids but if we think the bin is unsafe we will replace it, at no charge, once only. In this case you will not be charged for a replacement sticker.

Your replacement garden waste bin may not be new but it will be clean and safe to use. 

For each replacement bin after the first one there will be a charge for a replacement container, sticker and a delivery charge of £25. 

Residents are entitled to a single free replacement bin if their bin has one or no wheels, a dangling or missing lid or a substantial hole.  You will need to ring us on 01782 717717 if your bin is damaged in these ways and you haven’t had a free replacement bin before.

If you need a replacement sticker, please call the Council on 01782 717717 to arrange this. Your garden waste bin will not be emptied if a sticker is not displayed, so please get in touch as soon as possible.

You should receive your replacement sticker within 10 working days of payment and this should be placed on your bin as soon as possible.

Please put your bin out on your normal collection day before 6am.


Last updated 7 February 2019

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