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Order a Replacement or New Garden Waste Bin or Sticker

Your garden waste bin may not be safe to use if it is severely damaged.  Sometimes bins are damaged during emptying.  We apologise for any inconvenience that this causes.  Our crew will have reported the damage on their in-cab system so that a replacement can be delivered to you within 10 working days, and a new subscription sticker will be posted out, too.  We define a damaged wheelie bin as having one or no wheels, is missing or has a damaged lid, or has a large hole in the side.  Where a bin meets this criteria we will replace it without charge.

For delivery of each replacement bin and sticker there will be a charge. 

Subscription sticker

If you have subscribed to the garden waste collection service but haven’t received your subscription sticker or have lost/damaged it and need a replacement then use this online form.    

You must have your subscription sticker on your garden waste bin in order to guarantee that it will be emptied. 

You should receive your replacement sticker within ten working days of payment and it should be placed on your bin as soon as possible.

Lost or stolen garden waste bin

If you have a subscription for the garden waste bin collection service and your bin is lost or stolen, please use this online form to order a replacement.

See more information about our garden waste collection service and how to apply.

Please put your bin out on your normal collection day before 6am.

Last updated 1 April 2021

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