Order a container

We reuse wheelie bins when we can. Any bin we deliver will be clean and safe to use. Food caddies and blue bags are always new when delivered.



Lost or stolen bin

We make a delivery charge to replace bins that have been lost or stolen of £27. Keep your bin on your property between collections and make sure your address is on the bin.

Replace a lost or stolen household rubbish bin



Damaged bin

If your bin is damaged enough to be unsafe our crew will report it and a free replacement will be ordered automatically.

Sometimes bins fall into our vehicle during collection and our crew report it so we can send a free replacement.



Recycling, food waste and household rubbish containers

Use the bin order online form for the following:

  • recycling bins and/or blue bags
  • kitchen and/or outdoor food caddies
  • lost or stolen household rubbish bin

Order a recycling bin/bag

Replace a lost or stolen household rubbish bin



New property?

There is a delivery charge for a set of containers.  If you are contacting us about a new property and need every container, please use our online form:

Order every container