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Service Overview

The fortnightly recycling service means that your household has a strong bag for paper and card, along with a wheelie bin for your mixed recycling. These should be put out together each fortnight for collection. You have a choice over how you present them; if your bag is light enough, you can put it into the top of your recycling bin by placing it on top of your mixed recycling. Otherwise, please leave it beside your recycling bin.

You need to put your new recycling bin and bag out for collection at the same place that you currently put your household rubbish bin on collection day - but on the opposite week.

Bins for garden waste and rubbish should continue to be put out where you did under the previous service.  If you have a driveway, this is usually at the end of your drive, where it meets the pavement.  If you live in a terraced house with an alley behind it, this is usually at the end of the alley.  If you live in a terraced house with no alley, then it will be where your house meets the pavement.  Check with us if you are unsure.  Bring it back within your property boundary for safekeeping between collections.

We start collections at 6am, and that’s when your containers need to be out by.

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Blue bag For more information about this service click here Link: About Household Rubbish Link: About Garden Waste
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Assisted Collections:

If your health means that you are entitled to a Blue Badge or have serious mobility/sight problems which meet our criteria for providing help, and everyone in your household has these problems, you can apply for an assisted collection here.

If you have Steps or Deep Gravel:

If your property is one of the few which can only be accessed up or down steps, or over deep gravel we will already know this. Your household rubbish will already be being collected in black sacks, which we supply you with. As your property is unsuitable for a wheelie bin, when the new service starts you will use the standard blue bag for paper and card, and have a second bag for glass bottles and jars, cans and tins, plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays, instead of a wheelie bin.

Put your bins and caddy on the kerbside on collection day by 6am, unless you have a special arrangement with us such as an assisted collection. Between collections the containers must be within your property boundary.



Last updated 8 March 2021

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