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Spending Plans

The Council’s plans for spending on the provision of services and for capital investment are set out in a number of documents.

Revenue Budget Book

This sets out the budgets relating to the provision of services which are paid for by local taxpayers via Council Tax.

Medium Term Financial Strategy (MTFS)

The MTFS is produced before the revenue budget is compiled. It is an assessment of the additional amounts which will need to be included in future years’ revenue budgets to take account of factors such as pay and price increases, approved commitments (for example new services to be provided), changes in income levels (for example in relation to government grants) and any other known changes. It covers a five year period. Following approval by elected members, the assumptions contained in the MTFS are incorporated in the revenue budget. The 2021/22 - 2025/26 MTFS was approved at the 24 February 2021 meeting of Council, .

Capital Strategy

The capital strategy sets out the principles and objectives which the Council has identified for its capital investment and how its capital plans link to other strategies and areas of activity of the Council and its partners.

Budget Report to Council

The revenue budget for the following financial year and a revised capital programme are approved by the Full Council at a meeting in February each year, after considering a comprehensive budget report. This meeting sets the level of Council Tax which will be payable in respect of the Council’s services for that year.

Last updated 9 March 2021

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