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Meetings, Minutes and Agendas

The role of the Committee Services team is to enable the Council, in achieving its corporate priorities, to be efficient, open and transparent, implement its decisions, be sensitive to its role as a public authority and provide services to the public to the highest standards through the provision of effective and high quality services.

The main functions of Member Services are:

  • Committee Administration
  • Member Support Services
  • Member Development and Training
  • Mayoralty and Civic Events

The Committee Services team works with councillors and officers to administer and manage the various committees of the Council. Associated activities include the creation of agendas for the meetings and writing the minutes, recording committee decisions, planning the timetable of meetings and ensuring that committees run according to the regulation laid out in the Constitution. The team also provides advice and information to members of the public on how decisions are made and how to get involved with Council decision-making and advice on procedure at meetings. The Cabinet Support and Scrutiny Support functions continue to develop with Members taking greater ownership of the their activities in scrutinising the Council and partners.

To ensure that council meetings are run as effectively as possible, we need to ensure that councillors are as well trained and informed as possible. To do this, Member Services organises a programme of training for all councillors based on the guidance of the West Midlands Member Development Charter.

The Mayoral Secretariat provides advice and support to the Mayor ensuring that proper respect and precedence is afforded to the Borough's first citizen, as well as organising events such as the Mayor's Ball and Remembrance Sunday.

Within this service area, most statutory obligations relate to particular aspects of committee administration (agenda content and despatch, deadlines, access to information relating to committees and ethical standards). Other functions are discretionary, such as training and development for councillors. Member Services sits at the heart of the Council, ensuring that the various machinations of the decision-making process are transparent and implemented fully.

The vision for this service is to achieve professional and operational excellence through the efficient provision of administrative and Member Support services, which are customer orientated, responsive and cost effective.

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Last updated 23 June 2020

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