Housing Benefit appeals

Dealing with your appeal

When we receive your letter of appeal we'll look at the decision again to make sure it is correct.

If we think the decision is wrong we'll send you a new decision letter explaining what we've changed and how this has affected your appeal.

If we think the decision is correct we'll send your appeal and an explanation of the law and facts used to make our decision to the Tribunal Service. We'll also include any other relevant papers. This is called the response. A copy of the response will also be sent to you and to your representative, if you have one.

The Tribunal Service will then send you a form that must be completed and returned to them within 14 days. You can use this form to provide further evidence about any special needs you may have, to request an oral or paper hearing or withdraw your appeal.

Please note: if you do not return the form on time, your appeal will end.

Once your completed form is received by the Tribunal Service they'll arrange an oral or paper hearing. They'll send you a letter telling you about this.