Specialist business support

Innovation and diversification

The Business Innovation Centre (BIC)  

Provides advice and support for innovative ideas from all business sectors. It often has grants available for product and service development activities. It also runs a range of innovation workshops throughout the year. 

Keele University 

Knowledge transfer partnerships provide access to university skills and expertise to help companies develop. 

The Keele Research and Innovation Support Programme (KRISP) brings academics, professionals and students from Keele University together with local businesses to develop new products, services and processes. The second phase will enable a further 200 local businesses to be supported between June 2019 and December 2021.

Staffordshire University  

The Staffordshire Digital Innovation Partnerships (SDIPs) programme drives transformation through digital innovation in the region. The programme will create 36 Partnerships between Staffordshire small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and Staffordshire University.

Projects will improve business processes and support the development of new to market products and services through the use of innovative digital technologies.

There are three strands:

  • digital innovation partnerships (DIPs) supporting development of new processes, services or products
  • business intelligence pPartnerships (BIPs) helping businesses to unlock the power of the data they collect
  • social challenge innovation partnerships (SCIPs) focussing on prototype solutions to social challenges