Local land charges

The local land charges service carries out all official searches covered by the Local Land Charges Act 1975 and, as custodians of official local information, we can guarantee comprehensive replies to the official LLC1 and Con29 enquiries.

When you buy a property or a plot of land in Newcastle-under-Lyme your solicitor can apply to us to make a search. Alternatively, they can use a personal search company to do this.

The Local Land Charges Register is updated and maintained regularly. Every search will disclose information we hold on a particular property or plot of land.

To make sure that searches can be dealt with promptly, please include:

  • Fully completed forms
  • An accurate full postal address of the property to be searched, including the postcode
  • Up to date legally sourced location plan  (search area edged in RED)  showing surrounding roads and properties.
  • Your e-mail address – we have 100 per cent electronic return and are aiming for 100 per cent electronic receipt.
  • Payment for the correct fee, made via either monthly account / debit / credit card, or by BACS payments -  for efficiency, please contact us for details and confirmation of fee prior to electronic payment submission via Bacs
  • For non regular users of our service we request that you e-mail the office at landcharges@newcastle-staffs.gov.uk  prior submission, in order to confirm details and payment methods to avoid rejected requests and incur delays

Please note that it is no longer cost effective to return your rejected documents and cheque.   

For efficiency, searches are preferably submitted via email (template submission form available on our website) and payment may be made via BACS, debit /credit card, monthly account (if regular user) or submitted via a third party hub (please note we are unable to make recommendations).

Please note - notification of any search cancellation must be received by the land charges section before 12noon on the day of receipt or you will be charged accordingly.

Download a search and request from